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"Beth Rudy has led two inspiring presentations to our members at the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) on finding your passion in the workplace and motivating your team. Beth is a natural at connecting with her audience and providing information in a fun and interactive way. In presenting through a webinar, she manages to engage the audience, asking thought-provoking questions throughout and encouraging feedback. Post event surveys illustrated attendees' enthusiasm of both Beth's presentation skills and the topics discussed. I would highly recommend Beth to any organization looking to enhance the company culture, motivate employees and utilize her for industry related training. I look forward to working with Beth and Insight Management for SAME training opportunities!" -Nicole, Education and Program Manager, SAME

"Attending Beth's speaking engagement at our Payroll Congress last year was an eye opener for me as she professionally and enthusiastically demonstrated to the audience the powerful advantages of listening. Providing tools and real life examples during her presentation engaged all the attendees at the meeting! As I looked around everyone was listening which is rare in today's multi-tasking environment. I decided to ask Beth to present to our own company on the same listening skills presentation and it was presented with just as much impact. Beth applied the presentation to our company industry and made it meaningful for our employees. We then asked Beth to help us understand and develop our company culture. She was instrumental in all facets of our Culture Vitality reporting and coaching for our management team. Overall Beth was able to make sure all employees know the value in listening and improving performance. Her ability to assist executive management through coaching and providing the Crucial Conversations workshop has benefited our team immensely. Beth and Insight Management executives are the team to hire for company culture initiatives and much more! Beth is a powerfully positive speaker and is passionate about helping individuals and teams in achieving their goals. Just listen to her and you will be a believer!" -Kathleen, CEO and Payroll Executive

"I went through a tough transition that would not have been possible without Beth's support and guidance. She played an instrumental role in helping me make substantive changes in my life. She encouraged me, provided feedback, gave me resources for development, and pushed me to discover things about myself that helped prepare me for the next chapter. At times, I felt like I was moving backwards rather than forward. I felt stuck and just needed some direction. Beth provided exactly that. It is thanks to her that my confidence has been restored, I have rediscovered happiness, and now have a new job that is the perfect fit for me!" -Andrea, Senior Account Manager

"I met Beth at a SHRM conference in 2015. Her company, Insight Management Consulting, was a sponsor. In 2016, she and her company once again, sponsored the event and I had the pleasure of watching Beth in action over the two years as she engaged attendees. Beth has a natural gift of comfortable conversation, being an attentive listener and has the desire to elevate you to your potential. She is a problem solver and exudes the passion for her profession. She has command of leadership subject topics and excels at public speaking. Beth is an excellent representative of Insight Management Consulting and I would highly recommend her and her company to take your organization's employees and leadership team to the next level." -Terri, Director Membership, Howard County Chamber of Commerce

"I’ve known Beth Rudy both personally and professionally for over 5 years. We met through Toastmasters where she held many leadership positions in the club and was a mentor to countless members. Last year I was the Program Chair for the Water Works Operators Association of PA (WWOAP) and charged with filling an agenda for the 88th Annual Conference. Beth was the first person I called when we decided to add a component on leadership and communication to the three day program. Topics at the WWOAP conference are typically technically oriented and centered around potable water treatment practices. Adding a new component like communication to the conference was out of our comfort zone. Beth helped us choose which topics would be appropriate to meet our goals, organized three sessions for her company (Insight Management) and spoke at the conference. Insight Management hit it out of the park and Beth’s’ speech garnered the most positive feedback and interest from the group. She brings an undeniable energy to her talks. When people talk to me about the conference a year later, it’s easily the most remembered session. I highly recommend Beth Rudy and her company Insight Management for your next speaking engagement." -Dan Hershey, President, Hershey Engineering

"I came to the workshop expecting to learn how to communicate with my colleagues, and left with practical applications for my personal life. Beth's illustrations and lessons were more valuable than multiple $150 counseling sessions." -Patti, Manager, Environmental Engineering

"It has been my absolute pleasure working with Beth on brainstorming a few talent development concepts. She is an abundant resource, always full of creative ideas and out of the box thinking. Her growth mindset, strategic perspective and high level of energy are contagious. I look forward to the next opportunity when I get to collaborate with Beth again. For a Positive Influencer, Beth Rudy is a role model." -Kim Nguyen, Organizational Development Consultant, VA Dept of Social Services

“Beth possesses a rare blend of business acumen and people skills. She is an outstanding communicator, passionate about her topics and presenting them with excellence. Beth accomplishes everything - and I mean everything - she sets as a goal, and somehow takes everyone with her, teaching, empowering, and moving them forward, too. She is my hero!” –Nancy Kuch, Operations Director, Financial Planning

"Beth presents comprehensive ideas and propositions confidently, clearly, and creatively. She captivates her audience by telling stories, outlining steps that make the complex simple, and giving practical examples." -Paula Frey, School Administrator

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