Tuesday, January 23, 2018


I just typed the words, "Beth Rudy, President" on a proposal. It felt weird. It's a little surreal to think I'm here!
Thanks in large part to Melanie, Edwin and Kevin who believed in me and gave me the opportunities!
Edwin ... what a story! I'll never forget when I was trying to schedule Paul for a leadership retreat with his senior leaders. He asked, "Why can't Beth do it?"
There was some excuse from me, to which Edwin replied, "Well, you've raised kids haven't you? Then, you can relate to my team." Paul said, "I guess you're right. She can do it!" Defining moment!
It's a little like learning to walk in high heels. Fun and adventurous, and a little weird at first. 
I am grateful to all the people who, like high heals, have lifted me physically and emotionally, while encouraging me to hold my head high and my standards higher.

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