Sunday, January 21, 2018

A Giant Leap into 2018

Last week I took a giant scary leap of faith into 2018 becoming an Independent Consultant. With the full support of Paul, my beloved employer and coach, I launched Beth Rudy Consulting. We will continue to work closely together, but no longer as employer/employee. That freed me to step in and help Tim and Nancy Shorter during their crisis with Isaiah. My mom is turning 80 in a few weeks. As an Independent Consultant, I’m now free to help her get to her appointments, and meet her needs without worrying about cheating an employer of time. I’m free to write my book, and free to build my own brand and a business. I have absolutely loved my work with large government agencies and plan to expand it as a woman owned small business. It’s a huge leap into the unknown … but I’m confident I’ll land on my two feet with great success and the work life balance I value.
If you don’t take risks, you’ll always work for someone who does.

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