Friday, November 17, 2017

Love Speaks All Languages

This morning at the hotel breakfast line I met a cute little man from Romania. He didn't know how to use the toaster, so I helped him. He didn't speak English and didn't understand how it worked, so I patiently stood with him while he waited for his bread to toast. 

Then, he put his plate down at my table. Smiling, I pointed to the chair and asked, "Are you going to eat with me." He smiled and sat down. I thought, "This will be interesting."

I walked away to get coffee. By the coffee, his friend was struggling with the juice. "Was it apple or orange juice?" he wanted to know. So, I helped him too. When I got back to my table, the little old man was gone. His wife, or the woman he was with moved him to another table.

Love speaks all languages.

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