Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Sweet Connection

While attending the Training Officers Consortium in Hershey, I walked down a hall and discovered the Eastern States Conference for Pharmacy Residents and Preceptors was holding an event there. As I turned the corner, I immediately saw the Johns Hopkins Department of Pharmacy table and a woman sitting behind it. I walked over to her and said, "My son interviewed for an internship at JHMI. He was offered a position, but Mayo made him an offer first, and he's going there."

We talked for a while. A recruiter, she was there to recruit pharmacists who completed their residency. The residents were there presenting their final projects. In a few years that would be my son.
As we talked about clinical pharmacy positions, I learned JHMI receives 200 resumes for 20 internships. Highly competitive, 50 candidates are selected for phone interviews. That my son received a phone interview means he has an impressive CV. That he was offered a position was even more remarkable. She assured me he'd have an amazing experience at Mayo, and phenomenal opportunities in the future.
We talked about what it would take for him to do one of his rotations at JHMI. They need a contract with the school. Voluntarily, she offered additional things he can do to make his CV stand out from the crowd, like publishing research. She said he'd likely have the opportunity to do that at Mayo.
We ended by talking about what I do for Insight, and exchanged business cards. I left. Never once did she ask for my son's name. Never once did it cross my mind that she may have interviewed him. It was just a friendly exchange, with no motive.
When I got home I told my son the story. I showed him her card. He said, "She interviewed me, made me the offer, and I had to tell her I couldn't accept."
What are the chances I'd randomly meet his recruiter while attending an entirely different conference in Hershey, PA, the sweetest town on earth?

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