Friday, April 7, 2017

Supporting American Heroes

Insight Management Consulting is a proud sponsor of the FBI National Academy 2017 Re-trainer - a group of 100 or more executive law enforcement executives from state, county, local, tribal, military, federal and international law enforcement agencies that gathers to hone their leadership skills. All have been invited to participate in, and completed their training at the prestigious FBI Academy at Quantico. True American heroes; patriots who risk their lives every day to protect "We the people."

My heart overflows with patriotic pride at the presentation of colors while a bag pipe band plays the Marine anthem. Rarely does my path cross with men and women who love our nation as much as these heroes. They willing risk their lives every day to keep America safe. It breaks my heart that they are bashed by the media. Without them, we would be a nation of anarchy.
I am honored to call this man my friend. He is a Captain at Ocean City, MD Police Department. My family frequents Ocean City, MD. I am thankful for him, his wife (who also works for the department) and those they work with who keep OCMD, one of my fondest places to visit, safe.

Is it any wonder I love my job? I meet the most fascinating people!

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