Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Living Vibrantly Today

Last week a young entrepreneur reached out to me. He's part of an entrepreneurial program at Lancaster Bible College. A course requirement was to find a business leader, schedule an appointment, share his business idea and receive feedback. 

Today we met. His service was employee recognition. He shared with me statics that I was familiar with: 50% of all employees are looking for another job; and 70% of the US Workforce is disengaged. His solution: show employee's appreciation.

He presented me with these pretty cupcakes. He's selling them to local businesses as a means of employee appreciation. They're presented in a pretty gift box with a sincere note of appreciation.

If you are a local manager, and would like to give a motivated kid an opportunity, he's looking for managers to pitch his program to. Let me know if I may refer him to you.

I love encouraging young people to follow their dreams! They are the future leaders in America.
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