Monday, April 24, 2017

Living Vibrantly Today

I had so much fun presenting at Columbia Bible Fellowship L.O.V.E. Tea annual scholarship fundraiser. What the world needs now is love.

 Hospitable ladies provided decadent food.
Creative ladies decorated beautiful tables.
Made new friends.
Fascinating fascinators.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Living Vibrantly Today

Last week a young entrepreneur reached out to me. He's part of an entrepreneurial program at Lancaster Bible College. A course requirement was to find a business leader, schedule an appointment, share his business idea and receive feedback. 

Today we met. His service was employee recognition. He shared with me statics that I was familiar with: 50% of all employees are looking for another job; and 70% of the US Workforce is disengaged. His solution: show employee's appreciation.

He presented me with these pretty cupcakes. He's selling them to local businesses as a means of employee appreciation. They're presented in a pretty gift box with a sincere note of appreciation.

If you are a local manager, and would like to give a motivated kid an opportunity, he's looking for managers to pitch his program to. Let me know if I may refer him to you.

I love encouraging young people to follow their dreams! They are the future leaders in America.
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Friday, April 7, 2017

Big, Bright Smiles

I had the privilege of presenting to Charm City Payroll, a group of 100 or more payroll professionals, on the topics of Building Trust and Giving Effective Feedback. They had the room decorated with colorful and fun balloons and trinkets. One gal captured this photo and sent it to me with this caption: The smile on your face was as big and bright as the smile on this balloon. #ilovemyjob #impactinglives

Supporting American Heroes

Insight Management Consulting is a proud sponsor of the FBI National Academy 2017 Re-trainer - a group of 100 or more executive law enforcement executives from state, county, local, tribal, military, federal and international law enforcement agencies that gathers to hone their leadership skills. All have been invited to participate in, and completed their training at the prestigious FBI Academy at Quantico. True American heroes; patriots who risk their lives every day to protect "We the people."

My heart overflows with patriotic pride at the presentation of colors while a bag pipe band plays the Marine anthem. Rarely does my path cross with men and women who love our nation as much as these heroes. They willing risk their lives every day to keep America safe. It breaks my heart that they are bashed by the media. Without them, we would be a nation of anarchy.
I am honored to call this man my friend. He is a Captain at Ocean City, MD Police Department. My family frequents Ocean City, MD. I am thankful for him, his wife (who also works for the department) and those they work with who keep OCMD, one of my fondest places to visit, safe.

Is it any wonder I love my job? I meet the most fascinating people!

Making Friends on the Spot

Last year I attended the elite FBI National Academy Re-trainer Program – a group of 100 or more executive law enforcement executives from state, county, local, tribal, military, federal and international law enforcement agencies that gathered to hone their leadership skills. True American heroes; patriots, who risk their lives every day to protect, “We the people.” 

One of the speakers was, FBI SSA, Vince Dalfonzo, the hostage negotiator who negotiated the release of Captain Phillips from pirates who seized the Maersk Alabama in the Indian Ocean in 2009. (He also negotiated the release of the Boston Bomber from his boat hideaway.) 

Recently, I was in Ocean City, MD with two girlfriends. We had just walked the 2.5-mile length of the boardwalk. At the end, there’s a sign that says, "You’re not done until you’ve touched the spot.” We touched the spot, took our photo, and sat on a bench to wait for our friend who went to the restroom. While we were waiting, two guys walked up to the sign, looked at it, and turned around. "Eh, eh, eh,” we boldly blurted, “you’re not done until you’ve touched the spot. We're the spot checkers." They laughed, touched the spot and started walking back.

Our friend re-joined us, and we stepped in right behind them. I started telling my friends a story, saying, “When I was at the FBI Academy last year ..."

The one guy who we had just heckled, quickly turned around and asked, "Were you at the academy in Quantico?" "No,” I replied,” I was at the re-trainer academy here last April." He said, "I was too. I led the session on Captain Phillips."

Imagine my surprise and amusement at randomly meeting him again on the spot on the Ocean City, MD boardwalk.

With a grin and a chuckle, I said, "Oh, I remember you. You're the guy who negotiated Captain Philip’s release while wearing your underwear." He laughed. We walked and talked (with our friends) for about ten blocks about fond memories from last year's academy.

When you open your mouth and speak, you too may make interesting friends on the spot.

(Vince and I took a photo together to show to our law enforcement friends and prove the story. Out of respect for him, and to protect his identity I feel it is inappropriate to post the picture without permission, but here I am with my girlfriends proving that we touched the spot and completed the journey.)

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