Monday, January 9, 2017

Encouraging Words

Words can heal a heart or break it. Free a soul or shame it. Empower dreams or demolish them. Motivate action or debilitate it. Words are powerful. They are constructive or destructive, either building up or tearing down. Words change lives. 

Today, I received the most beautiful hand painted card in the mail with the following encouraging words:

Happy 2017! Wishing you the best this year. I know you are enjoying your days as you are doing what you love! Just a note to let you know we always welcome your presence at F&M Toastmasters meetings. Please drop by. We always love hearing from you! Cheryl

Simple words that brightened my day. Who will you set free, empower or motivate today? Words – they don’t have to be eloquent or printed on hand painted paper, only sincere.

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